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Looking for a life-changing experience? Volunteer or study abroad!

Hi there (physical) therapists and students from all around the world!

Volunteering, doing an internship or minor abroad means helping local people get the physical therapy aid they need. But even more important it means you’ll have the opportunity to learn from people from another culture, from other physical therapists and most of all, from yourself. How to cope in a different surrounding while working and living in a place which isn’t your home makes you get out of your comfort zone!

And you know what? Outside of your comfort zone is where you can learn the most, get to know yourself even better and improve your (physical therapy) skills!

Besides our group travels we individuallly place therapists (and students) at projects which will be benificial for both the project and you. Our service is personally customized, therefore we need to know more about you and your professional background.

You want to volunteer or study abroad as a (physical) therapist? Sign up below. After you do so, we will contact you asap, and we will create a personal customized program for you. No strings attached!

Volunteer or study abroad – physical therapist or any other health care worker

Being a international therapist you can volunteer or study abroad with Physical Therapy Abroad. We arrange everything you need, from a hostfamily up to an airport transfer! If you want to stay for a few weeks, we can arrange it. If you want to work for several months, we can do that too!

We organize everything for you, from your pre-departure preparation time, till coming back home. We help you get everything out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, as a health care worker abroad.

The mission of Physical Therapy Abroad

We think it’s very important to place you at the right project. If we do so, not only you’ll benefit, but our projects will benefit too. They will get a therapist (or student) who fits right in the working environment, who wants to learn from other people and is willing to give a little bit extra everyday for helping the local people.

IMPORTANT: Our mission is to make a local difference. All our projects have their own requests and demands on which we base our placements of volunteers and student. We’ll never take any local job opportunities away. If there’s local expertise, we sent volunteers or interns who want to learn from them, to exchange knowledge. Because we believe we can make the world a better place if we work and learn together.

Therapy Travels – group trips for health care workers

The Therapy Travels are a special service of Physical Therapy Abroad. We really like the idea of a group of professionals going on a working holiday and exchange knowledge with each other. First we started with our Therapy Trek in Nepal – a great success – and later we added our Therapy Trip in Cambodia to it.

Therapy Trek Nepal

An amazing experience! A group of therapists hike to remote villages in the mountains of Nepal, meanwhile providing the local people with our therapy skills and advise.

Check out the video below:

Therapy Trip Cambodia

Next to this amazing Therapy Trek, we also offer the Therapy Trip. A great trip in which you will discover the beautiful country of Cambodia!

You’ll check out the mysterious temples of Angkor Wat and take a moment to visit the impressive killing fields. A good way to remember what a resilient people the Cambodians are, after millions were killed during the Red Khmer period.

During this trip you’ll take a tour into the provences and help the local people who normally can’t afford therapy. While doing this, you also exchange your knowledge with the local health care workers. Very interesting to see what we can learn from one another!

Intakeform – sign up for a free intake call

So now you know a little bit more about Physical Therapy Abroad and what we stand for. We offer projects to volunteer, study or go on a Therapy Travel. The only thing you have to do now, is sign up!

We will make an appointment for a video-call and before you know it, you’ll be ready for take off!